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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - >Manifesto Rumorarmonico Post Futurista. Tributo a LUIGI RUSSOLO

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OELP009
Release Year: 2008
Note: fullside-long contributions each from SACHER-PELZ, RAPOON, MERZBOW, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN. Numbered ed. of 765 copies, white vinyl, nice foldout-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €22.00

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Vier altgediente Noise-Heroen treffen sich auf dieser Compilation zu Ehren des italienischen Futuristen LUIGI RUSSOLO, dessen legendäres Manifest "Die Kunst der Geräusche" (1913) den Startschuss für den Einsatz von Maschinenlärm in moderner Komposition darstellte.
Die Compilation zeigt gut, auf welche unterschiedliche Art und Weise "Geräusch" eingesetzt werden kann, von agitierendem Power-Effekt-Lärm (MERZBOW), mechanisch-maschinellem Rausch-Noise (GX JUPITTER-LARSEN) über seelenlos-statisches Elektro-Geknirsche & Gekrache (SACHER PELZ) bis hin zu mysteriösem Dröhnklang (RAPOON)..

"Vinyl compilation devoted to “Luigi Russolo” the father of Futurist music and the first man theorizing that music has to be composed mainly by rumors And not by harmonic sounds ! His music was played with an instrument “l’Intonarumori” or “Rumorarmonio” which was invented by himself ! Russolo is the forefather and theorizer of the “Electronic music” concept and for sure we can say today that he was the first man playing “Industrial” muzak ! For this project we found four artists which are known for being since their first approaches to music as “Neo-Futurists” and uncompromising “Industrial”. Involved artists :
- GX Jupitter-Larsen from USA, also known for being the mind behind The Haters and for all his very “Futurist” performances where a click becomes the main sound !
- Merzbow from Japan, the father of Japanese noise ! this is the sound Russolo was playing if alive today
- Rapoon from UK, with his first project “Zoviet France” Robin Storey was one of the very first artists using toy instruments !
- Sacher Pelz from Italy, Sacher Pelz was the very first project by Maurizio Bianchi also known as MB, he was one of the very first artist theorising electronic noise !
Each artists gives his contribution to this tribute playing long tracks on a full LP side ! White Vinyl. Discs are packed in hand-numbered folding cover showing Luigi Russolo and his Rumorarmonio." [label info]