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Life without Agriculture
an album as "re-imagining" some of the DADAist, futurist, and surrealist clubs of the 20th century, from Moscow 1918 over Tehran 1966 to Mnster 1997; a wonderfully surprising and experimental work by the British post industrial and ambient performance trio...-"The arc that links them all is the experimentation, the exchange of ideas, and the platform to perform free from the social norms of the time." [Stephen Meixner of Contrastate] - lim. 250 copies - OUT NOW!! check promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACZmOWEB8Eo
Topography of Frequency and Time
the Swedish ambient experimental and electro-acoustic project with the sixth release in our new CD series, applying the concept of TOPOGRAPHY to sounds and time, which can be interpretated "geographically" like a landscape in a similar way.. ed. of 250 copies, OUT NOW !!
Acting As If
over 30 minutes of very best new COLLEY material! => through these strangeness drones, the mind is thrown inside an unrecognizable and confusing realm of broken electricity and something like audible-made atmospheric pressure... - "His swarming masses, throttled rumbling, and smoldering tension are all encircling and folding in on themselves. Rhizomes of sound that speak poison. Drink up, if it doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger." [Jim Haynes] - lim. 300 with artwork by MEEUW, special silver print on reverse board, out NOW 30.12.2022 !!!

About Us

DRONE RECORDS is a label-project and mailorder-service for outsider and niche music genres such as: EXPERIMENTAL DRONE - DARK AMBIENT - TRANSCENDENTAL POST-ROCK & DOOM - INDUSTRIAL & NOISE - ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC - FIELD RECORDINGS - IMPRO - MODERN CLASSIC - SOUNDTRACKS - =>==>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=> = everything atmospheric & experimental, based in Bremen, Germany.

DRONE RECORDS as a (vinyl-only) LABEL started in 1993 with a very idealistic, uncommercial attitude & philosophy, influenced by the independent cassette-culture scene from that time [for details please read the original full label concept at the RELEASES / DRONES-section].

The 7"-label series was active from 1993 to 2010 with 100 released "drones" (7" EPs), presenting many newcomers from the international experimental "drone"-scene. Somne of them are still available [see -> RELEASES, then -> VIEW ALL DRONES]

In the meantime (late 2005) a second VINYL series / sub-label has started, this time on 10"-vinyls, named SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA. This series with a special concept embracing the "Unknown" could be seen as an interface between experimental music & cultural science, psychoanalysis and philosophy. See www.substantia-innominata.de for details.

At the end of the year 2011 we have started a new LP-series called "DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE" - dedicated to the drones of the world - and the drones of our minds. Presenting 4 artists for each volume, this is a continuation of the drone 7" concept, the new era of drones!



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