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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt078cd
Release Year: 2007
Note: elaborated psych/electronic/space/prog- "Pop/Rock" reminding on LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, GARY NEWMAN, PINK FLOYD and even COIL... oversized hardcover / gatefold-sleeve. lim 800
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Anspruchsvoller, sehr eigener Psych/Electronic/Space/Prog-"Pop/Rock" mit Anklngen an LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, GARY NEWMAN oder gar PINK FLOYD. Zweites Album der US-Band, mit sehr ausgefeilten Songs, alles handgespielt auf Instrumenten oder Analog-Synths. Der 70er Jahre Bezug ist sehr deutlich, aber es gibt auch bizarre experimentelle Parts & Arrangements, insgesamt aber wesentlich weniger "weird" als auf dem ersten Album...
Hrbeispiele auf ihrer myspace Seite: www.myspace.com/christusthecosmonaughts.

"...Deluxe 5 color gatefold CD sleeve. Terra Firma flags. Sky burns electric. Fauna flee for fear. The second coming of Christus is here. 8 new stations of the cross oscillate wildly between bristling electronic noise pyres and sizzling, solemn song-forms. From Atop This Hill is a study in the transcendental possibilities of synthesis couched in the form of a mystery play. The jilted narratives just glisten, rich with pulsating electrocycles that alternately coil into instrumental pythons. Form and function fuse in a flux of devotional experimentalism paired with a sort of weird pop. Christus' strangely wrought onomatopoeic lyrics are compelling, wrapped as they are in his classic coldwave croon amid slo-mo motorik surges of minimal wave. Drag thy cross upon yon hill and embrace the passion of the Christus." [label info]