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BIOSPHERE - Angel's Flight

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: AD 93 - whyt037
Release Year: 2021
Note: 12 new tracks based on BEETHOVEN's "String Quartet No. 14, Opus 131" (one of his final pieces), combining classical samples and electronic revision, most of the material has been used for the dance production "Uncoordinated Dog" (INGUN BJRNSGAARD PROSJEKT).. "Both works feel cyclical, returning to their original points at their ends - perhaps an affront to death, like sampling a long-deceased person's music." [Sputnik Music]
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More Info

Angels Flight is the new album from highly-acclaimed producer and composer Biosphere, set for release on vinyl and CD in January 2021.

It features twelve tracks based on Beethovens String Quartet No. 14 that deftly tread the peripheries of classical and electronic composition.

Much of the music was initially composed for Uncoordinated Dog, a dance production by the Ingun Bjrnsgaard Prosjekt in 2019 that explored the personal, the ambiguous, exposure and beauty which gives you a sense of what the album holds.

Mastered and cut by Stefan Betke and Scape Mastering
Designed by Alex McCullough and Noah Baker