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ZYLO, ARVO - Daydream Bereaver

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: No Part Of It
Release Year: 2022
Note: the Seattle-based artist and man behind the NO PART OF IT label, and main part of BLOOD RHYTHMS, with a trance-inducing, loopy solo disc, 4 tracks 57 min.playtime: - *Thick, complex drone sustained on and on. There are certain wavering subtleties contained within, but you\'ll need to concentrate with a good ear to notice them.... A careful listen will find \"voices\" and other \"things\"..* [CHAIN D.L.K.] - professionally duplicated and printed CD + cover, sealed jewel-case, US import
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\"For the last of the five works on CD I received from NO PART OF IT, we have Arvo Zylo, who just happens to run that label. (AHA! So that\'s who I\'ve been dealing with all this time!) NO PART OF IT was started in 2008, formerly an \"off-the-grid\" label for a significant period of time, dealing in only money orders and xerox newsletters. Arvo has been an active experimental sound artist since 2000, and has numerous releases on his own label, as well as collaborations on other small labels. He is also head of group project Blood Rhythms, former host of long standing radio show The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show, of which the CD Compilation Delirious Music For Delirious People was spawned. He is also a visual artist as well, having designed the weird clown cover for this CD, plus numerous other strange works of art that look nothing like that CD cover. (Yes, you can buy them, or...if you\'re an adventurous music artist with some cash to spare, why not have Mr. Zylo custom-design the artwork for your next project!

\'Daydream Bereaver\' is 4 tracks in 57 minutes. (It is reissued from an extremely limited vinyl LP by the same name...all gone now.) The first two tracks - \"Daydream\" and \"Bereaver\" are both nearly 20 minutes in length. \"Fur Elysium\" (Part I) is a couple seconds over 12 minutes and \"Fur Elysium\" (Part II) is 5:42. \"Daydream\" sounds at first like most of the keys held down on a polyphonic synthesizer with an open filter setting. Thick, complex drone sustained on and on. There are certain wavering subtleties contained within, but you\'ll need to concentrate with a good ear to notice them. (Most won\'t.) A careful listen will find \"voices\" and other \"things\". This tempo-less drone track maintains a certain consistency and level of volume throughout until the fade at the end. \"Bereaver\" has a more hollow, cosmic sound with a certain ebb and flow but is still solidly immersed in drone territory. There is a loopish quality to the sound on this one, but if sampled loops were used, there were undoubtedly multiples, or the sequence could have been triggered by an LFO using various electronic treatments and processing. I liked \"Bereaver\" better than \"Daydream\" because it wasn\'t nearly as static, and at least had the illusion of momentum. You may also notice a lot more hidden/obscured sounds than you did in the first piece.

\"Fur Elysium\" (Part I) has elements of melody juxtaposed with noise-drone. Notice that I said \"elements of melody\" and not actual melody or melodies, more of a jumble of melodic tones than anything else. It becomes a hazy, noisy sound collage that paradoxically is ever-changing but unchanged throughout. Noize appreciation is required for this one in the long run. \"Fur Elysium\" (Part II) is the shortest piece on the album, but perhaps my favorite. It seems as though Arvo Zylo has managed to distill the best of his sonic palette for this one, sounding richer, fuller and more intriguing than the others. There are interesting, subtle things going on in the low end, and although the piece remains consistent throughout, it does give the impression of evolution, even within the confines of its form.
I checked out some of Arvo Zylo\'s other works, and I have to say \'Daydream Bereaver\' sounds like none of them (not that there couldn\'t have been a similar ambient drone work of his I didn\'t come across). Comparatively, \'Daydream Bereaver\' is quite restrained and a lot less noisy than some of his other stuff, and if you\'re more into ambient than noise, this album may be just the ticket. If you prefer it the other way around, just go to NO PART OF IT and check out Arvo\'s other releases.\" [Steve Mecca / CHAIN D.L.K.]