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QUEIXAS - Eye of Newt

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Insubordinations INSUBCD09
Release Year: 2013
Note: very concrete & hyper-subtle improvisations on two prepared guitars, all kinds of objects, bass drum, laptop....by this Swiss-Portugese trio consisting of ABDUL MOIMEME, CYRIL BONDI and D'INCISE ... scrapings, resonances, overtunes, object sounds like breathing... 'between post-industrial saudade, electroacoustic and reductionism'; to discover !
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"Abdul Moimme: two prepared guitars, objects. Cyril Bondi: bass drum, objects. d'incise: laptops, objects. The helvetico-portugese trio, formely known as diatribes & abdul moimme, founded in 2009, abandons the ego in favor of a tight, homogeneous, construction, where human gestures and mechanical interchanged without distinction nor reasons. His music is dense and horizontal, more rustling than noisy, it is not an imaginary landscape but a materialized presence. The rubbed/breath, metallic rattles, resonances, meditative feedback, electrical crackling , micropulsation and repetitions, all this amalgams to form - the Quexias song between post-industrial saudade, electroacoustic and reductionism." [label info9


"Moimeme is also part of Queixas, a trio of him and his two prepared guitars and objects, Cyril Bondi on floor tom and objects and D'Incise on laptop and objects. Before they were called Diatribes & Abdul Moimeme, but abandoning ego and perhaps to have a more serious musical future they choose upon the name Queixas. Their music is improvised by in very slow moves, straight forward and without sudden changes or moves. If 'improvised drone' is a new genre, then it was invented by Queixas. Touches of feedback, scratching of surfaces, rumbling of objects and all such like are used in the three pieces on this release. More electro-acoustic again than purely improvised, but in his solo disc Moimeme uses the collage form more than in this trio disc here. Quite meditative music I should think, in which all three are searching for sounds that are closely linked together, and they succeed wonderfully well in this. Excellent disc of touching surfaces." [FdW/Vital Weekly]