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Z'EV - The deep Path

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Seven Solar Metals SEASON ONE
Release Year: 2011
Note: new sublabel from SILENTES, for "deep.. deepest sounds".. Z'EV never stops to surprise, "Deep Path" is more quiet & uses lots of cymbal and gong-sounds....
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"A monumental album, three impressive tracks in which Stefan Joel Weisser, a.k.a Z'EV, legendary avantgarde experimental artist, master of percussions and live performer of worldwide fame, collects and exhibits all his bravest and incredible sonic solutions, mixing and alternating enormous, deep and sometimes exploding and devastating sound masses based on low frequences, noisy metalllic sounds, gongs and cymbals stratifications... All channelled in resonant time "tunnels" where every sonic element has infinite decay, entangled through suggestive cyclic echoes and reverberations, infinite delays, long decays, mixing and completing with the other sonic weaves, for an absolutely important catching and unique listening experience. Un unmissable masterpiece." [label info]


"The release by Z'EV seems to be the first in a series, or maybe a new sub division of Silentes, called Seven Solar Metals. There is not a lot of information to go by here, but since it doesn't mention anything such as 'recorded live at', I think this is Z'EV in electronic musicmode again, but based on treatments of his percussion playing. Maybe Z'EV received a bunch of CDs from Silentes first, as in the three pieces (which last 16:03, 16:04 and 16:00 minutes) he manages to create an ambient sound that is not unusual for this label. A slow percussive sound, with some kind of electronic treatments, although its hard to say what kind of treatment that is, but it adds a drone like texture to these pieces, whereas the percussion stays in the background. The whole thing sounds like recorded at a private ritual in an abandoned factory, but its a great release. It moves for the label away from the pure electronic ambient/drone music, while Z'EV continues his electronic work (such as on his Korm Plastics CDs), which is always great but doesn't come in large quantaties. Its good to have another one." [FdW/Vital Weekly]