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Z'EV - Sum Things

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring Records CSR101CD
Release Year: 2009
Note: pure sound recordings as "a possible form for cold dark matter"
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Dunkel-metallisch schimmernde, amorphe Drones, kryptische Titel (mathematische Formeln), und gerade in der Tiefenstruktur (Bsse) tut sich hier vieles, voller ominser wabernder Klangereignisse. Basierend auf reinen Metallvibrationen ohne Effekte, ist SUM THINGS eine ganz besondere Art von dark ambient, der ohne knstlichen Hall auskommt...

"Through an element darkly In the fall of 2005 ZEV began dipping deep into his archives and selecting recordings to produce sum things / a possible form for cold dark matter, a project reflecting his take on the dark ambience genre. Composed between December 2005 and March 2006, these 6 pieces endeavor to transport the listener deep into their long forgotten memories of the primal forces at the dawn of creation. Each piece is based on a single sound source. Absolutely no effects of any kind, not even equalization, were applied to the source recordings. Instead ZEV relied solely on the stretching of the duration and pitch of the samples and then edited and mixed the results down into the heart of space. Hear then, the state of the art in elemental musics. Not to forget the beautiful packaging by artist Abby Helasdottir.

Track Listing:

1. z = -(Es+E3 )
2. e = v~z!uEv~z
3. v= (P2 - p1)/t
4. Z = √ x2/1 + x2/2 + x2/3
5. e = z^4
6. V2 = u2- 2"
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"Z'ev set out to make Sum Things to be his 'dark ambient' record, but with a few restrictions that he imposed upon himself. The first was to use only sources from his vast archive of percussive rituals and explorations with metallic resonance; the second was to use a limited sampling strategy of time-stretching and pitch shifting his sources. With reverb being so central to so many dark ambient projects (most notably Lustmord's recordings of catacombs and subterranean caves specifically for their dank reverberations), Z'ev's reductions are duly noted throughout Sum Things; and at the same time, he's left behind much of the digital artifacts endemic to his sampling tricks. The thunderous metallic rumbles and slippery timbral slashes of sound evolve into shimmering pools of sustained sound. Many of his metallic sounds chime with the sonorous quality of Javanese gamelan, although with the aid of Z'ev's timestretching, he's rendered these sounds into darkly beautiful sets of arcing drones. With more allusions to the wire recordings of Alan Lamb, the sound sculptures of Harry Bertoia, and even some of Andrew Chalk's more aggressive pieces, Sum Things ranks as one of Z'ev's best productions in years." [Aquarius Records]