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Le Combat Occulte CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt047b collection of rare & live material of this great French Avant-Band, often compared to D.D.A.A, lim. 500 2005 €10.00
Le Combat Occulte LP Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt047a collection of rare & live material of this great French Avant-band which has been often compared to D.D.A.A (their very first 7" appeared on Illusion Production in 1986), though they have much heavier & very expressive experimental Prog-Rock and "RIO" influences; lim. 200, 180gr. vinyl, back in ! 2005 €16.00
Wir schwitzen Blumen / La STPO in Concerts LP KdB Records KDB004 impressive album with a collection of furious live recordings (2006-2009) by this wonderful and energetic art-rock/ 'avant-prog' / dada-punk ensemble with insane & expressive vocals from Rennes, France, now existing since almost 30 years! Perfect stuff for you if you like the 'wilder' bands on ReR Megacorp like HENRY COW, or FAUST, D.D.A.A., ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN; lim. 250 , 180 gr vinyl , download code 2013 €15.00
L'Imparfait multiple de Dieu CD Soleil Mutant SM 45 7th full length album, with a great epic and very melodic opening piece ("Un Dieu est un Passage dernier"), this French "unclassifiable" band continues to surprise with their mix of Avantgarde-Rock, Jazz, Prog, Ambient... they have been compared to (but nothing really matches): PTOSE, RESIDENTS, THIS HEAT, THE WORK, FAUST, PERE UBU, etc... powerful & expressive stuff, with many many changes, breaks, beautiful moments, crazy vocals.. 2015 €13.00
Les Liquidateurs LP In Poly Sons the furious five from Rennes, France, with their unique "dream vocal" prog rock sound are back with a kind of narrative piece presenting various scenes dedicated to the "liquidators " who risked and lost their life during the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine in 1984; a very prolific work that almost appears like a theatre piece, really challenging & impressive; lim. 300 - nice silkscreen cover silkscreen cover, lim. 300 2015 €26.00