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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Aquanaut LP Spectre Records NAUTILUS NA01 back in stock last copies ! KRAKEN debut album, colour vinyl ! 1999 €14.00
Frlisa CD Spectre Records Nautilus NA04 oversized cardboard cover 2003 €13.50
Amore do-CD Spectre Records S17 digipack 2005 €16.00
Chagrin CD Spectre Records S22 excellent fourth album by the ambient Industrialists from Belgium, aggressive, cold, isolationistic... back in stock, SPECIAL OFFER NOW ! 2006 €9.50
Drift CD Spectre Records S27   2007 €14.50
Strop CD Raubbau RAUB-010 excellent new work by the visionary dark ambient group from Belgium; a surrealistic nightshade soundtrack, haunting & apocalyptic without the typical cliches, using lots of field recordings again; their master piece so far we think ! 2010 €13.50
Untitled CD Raubbau RAUB-025 after 4 full years, the doomy ambient industrial duo from Belgium is back with another claustrophic trip, exploring the dreary depths of daily life, often almost reaching a form of an experimental radio play .. 2014 €13.50