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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
IBM 1401, a User's Manual CD 4AD CAD 2609 CD first album for 4AD, based on old tape-recordings from the 60's made by his father with a vintage IBM 1401 computer system 2006 €14.00
Englab÷rn CD 4AD Records CAD 2733CD re-issue of first album for TOUCH by the great Icelandic composer, deeply melancholic neo-classic made for a theatre-play 2007 €14.00
Englab÷rn LP Touch TO:52 LP limited vinyl re-issue (nice gatefold-cover) of the album from 2002 2009 €15.00
Virthulegu Forsetar do-LP Touch TO:64LP vinyl re-issue of this great neo-classic album by the Icelandic composer from 2004 2011 €22.00
Free the Mind CD NTOV NTOV6CD original film soundtrack, recorded with a large orchestra (60 performers!) & electronics in Budapest, a film about the positive effects of meditation on Afghanistan veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder => 17 neo-classic (completely instrumental) miniatures mirroring different emotional and dramatic stages in a most beautiful & subtle way... 2012 €16.00
The Prisoners OST do-LP NTOV V9LP / Cobraside Distribution Inc. 1179 Original Soundtrack to the film THE PRISONERS by DENIS VILLENEUVE - you haven't seen JOHANNSSON so sombre & captivating, quiet & sad.... desolate & beautiful neo-classic ambience at the same time! 2013 €24.00