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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Indications of Nigredo 12inch Segerhuva SEGER 23 edition of 500 / glossy fullcolour sleeve / great 2-track EP with intense harsh noise drones, really eerie & otherworldly 2008 €13.00
Order⁴ CD Cold Meat Industry CMI205 the great IRM from Sweden stand for 'contemporary', eerie, often body & pain related post industrial and atmospheric power electronics with remarkable psychic effect, and this is no exception: 4 long tracks (60 min) of piercing drones & pulses, creepy instrumentation, and heavily processed spoken vocals that go under the skin... 2010 €14.00
Red Album CD Autarkeia acd 054 re-issue of the very first IRM album from 1999 (Cold Meat Industry); noisy industrial drones & pulses and harsh vocal attacks, lim. 500 2010 €13.00
Anthology do-CD BOX Autarkeia ACD 065 massive collection of rare & lost & live material by one of the best true/authentic "body & pain" industrial & power electronics projects from Scandinavia, existing since 1997, inspired by such extreme artists / persons as FRANCIS BACON, RUDOLF SCHWARZKOGLER or MISHIMA; luxurious boxset with 20 p. booklet; lim. 500 2012 €20.00
Closure CD Malignant Records TUMORCD82 third part of a trilogy that started with the awesome "Indications of Nigredo" 12" - IRM are expanding their 'intelligent' power electronics approach, relating to existential questions and nightmarish visions of a kind of 'Theatre of Cruelty', the suspense-packed sounds & cryptic, discomposed lyrics form a very psychologic & philosophic trip, almost exceeding the musical genre... the result is an intense masterpiece!! 2014 €12.00