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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
A happy collection of catastrophes CD-R Rape Art Productions RAP-CD-R # 020 lim/numb. 50 copies / import from Ecuador 2005 €10.00
Free Speech Series mCD L. White LW027/1 glassframe-cover / lim.350 2005 €12.50
Endstation Steinbruch CD Blade Records wmda072 lim./numb. 300 copies. re-release of early MC-only album (1996) 2006 €10.00
Mechanized Copulation 3 x CD L. White Records LW089 the return of this German "old school" industrial project after some years, an epic release with 29 tracks full of raw rhythmic pulses & cold industrial noises combined with deranged vocals, powerfully arranged... old ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO mixed with BRIGHTER DEATH NOW? lim. 100 copies only 2015 €20.00