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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Hater Hole CD-R Generator Sound Art GA-13 special artwork / bag w. debris from a live-performance 12/1991 at Generator in NYC 0000 €15.00
Blank Banner CD We Never Sleep WNS017 first Haters-CD !! 1993 €13.00
Sweet Austerity 10inch Commercial Failure CFV 10-2 rare, last copies, label not active anymore ! On each side the outside track plays inwards while the inside track plays outwards. Sealed copies. 1995 €12.00
Truncated Formica 7inch Self Abuse Records SAR-04 probably last copies 1995 €5.00
Voice of Victory CD-R Self Abuse Records SAD-12 comes in CD-box with silver-sticker and metal-garbage content, lim. 200 ! 1998 €14.00
Further CD Transparency TRANS 322 "A lot of what people think is Noise is not. The only true Noise bands I can think of are TNB and The Haters and stuff like that because it has no human element to it whatsoever." John Olsen (Wolf Eyes) "The Haters are one of those rare places where true and original noise can be heard." [Frans de Waard] 2008 €13.00