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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Sky CD Gterma gterma002 re-issue of CDR album fro 2000 with additional material in the newly arranged condensation... pure floating bliss, timeless contemplation, synth-rays as wide as the sky... nice ed. with 12 p. full colour booklet 2011 €13.00
Alchemystery do-CD Gterma gterma010 a special GRASSOW work, this "Alchemy Suite" in two parts (4 movements), with the impressive epic (43+ min.) IN A TEMPLE OF LONGING using holy chants & percussive elements! Comes with 16p booklet, feat. a poem by JOACHIM SCHOEPE... the sublimeness of nature experiences leads to inner self-communion and transcendence... 2012 €20.00
Bloodmoon CD Gterma gterma020 mystic ethno ambient album (4 tracks) inspired by imagos about the spiritual sensations of hunters in ancient times, wallowing in the light of October's 'Bloodmoon'... comes with 16p booklet 2012 €13.00
Sonnenwende do-CD Gterma gterma030 dedicated to the sun's journey through the seasons and through dark and light, the successor to "Dńmmerung" (CD on the same label); a typical epic and highly spiritual GRASSOW work with some surprising moments (acoustic guitar)... comes with 16p full colour booklet 2013 €20.00
Tamanoshima CD Gterma gterma034 brand new work reflecting the eternal waves & vibrations of water & air, "a warm and glowing drift based on material composed in the summer of 2013" - comes with full colour 16p. booklet 2013 €13.00
The Darklight Quest CD Gterma [gterma047] MATHIAS GRASSOW is one of Germany's deep ambient pioneers, his first releases date back to 1986; this favoured 4 track album was privately issued in 1998 as CDR and is finally released in proper form... extremely minimal and only slowly changing synth-drones with hypnotizing overtune and bass waves....- when music turns into an "agent of transformation" 2016 €13.00
The Nightquest Sessions CD Gterma [gterma052] re-issue of a privately issued CD-R from 1998 and sister album to "the Darklight Quest", showing the darker side of GRASSOWs meditative DEEP ambience scapes, trying to catch the awareness state between relaxation and sleeping: droning synths, tibetan bowls, subtle percussion underneath; three long tracks -- 74+ min, full colour booklet 2016 €13.00