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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
News from Worm Land CD-R Die Sch÷ne Blumen Musik Werk CD 8   2003 €10.00
White Nights CD-R Die Sch÷ne Blumen Musik Werk CD 11 jewel-case wrapped w. handmade cardboard box 2004 €9.00
R.E.T.R.O. CD War Office Propaganda WOP 41 older album of this Polish noise project, known for creative "handmade" sound generation (stones, glass, metal, field recordings & instruments), combined with old Soviet analogue devices... adventurous sounds and arrangements to explore! 2007 €12.00
Last CD Zoharum ZOHAR IYHHH 009-2 last volume in the IYHHH-series (presenting Polish newcomers and discoveries) and this is an absolute highlight we think: "lost" recordings by the pretty radical Polish project, these are demanding musique concrete compositions, formed together in an industrial way.... many layers of almost unregnoziable & processed sounds build very dynamic, hyper-challenging pieces... lim. 444 copies. highly recommdended !! 2015 €12.00
Chrzaszcz Brzmi W Trzcinie CD Zoharum ZOHAR 131-2 recordings from 2005/2006 that were published on TOCHNIT ALEPH as very lim. CDR - great (anti-) music made completely out of noises - the rubbing of objects, all kinds of creaking and crunching, electronic buzzing, polymorph multi-layered or collaged into dynamic noise works... a very worthwile re-release from this pretty unique Polish experimental project, lim. 200 copies only 2016 €12.00
Genetic Transmission CD Zoharum / GT Archive Series ZOHAR 130-2 / GT-01 re-issue of GT's very first release, which was originally a cassette that came out on Polish legendary experimental label OBUH Records in 1997 => "harsh, metallic sounds, a mechanical structure, brut collages created using only analog sources and recorded in exactly the same manner - without the use of computers." lim. 200 and a great document of Polands "early" post industrial sound 2016 €12.00