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AMMMusic 1966 CD ReR Megacorp ReR AMMCD first rec. from 1966, with CORNELIUS CARDEW, EDDIE PREVOST, KEITH ROWE.. 1989 €15.00
Laminal 3 x CD BOX Matchless Recordings MRCD31 a three CD set for the 30 year anniversary of AMM, containing three rare concert performances: Aarhus 1969, London 1982, New York 1994; comes with booklet with text by JIM O'ROURKE and others..." AMM uses all the dimensions of musical space to create the feeling that sound is a solid object in solid space -- complete with size, shape, performance." 1996 €37.50
Live at the Roundhouse CD Anomalous Records ICES 01 stunning live-recordings from August 1972, some of it appeared on a 7" on Incus. LOU GARE - Tenor saxophone, EDDIE PREVOST - drums. LAST COPY! 2004 €14.00
Uncovered Correspondence CD Matchless Recordings MRCD78 the experimental / noise / impro legends still going strong! Recorded live May 2010 in Poland; AMM consisting here of EDDIE PREVOST & JOHN TILBURY 2010 €14.00
Place sub.v CD Matchless Recordings MRCD 91 recommended live recording (Lublin - Poland - at CODES Festival 16.May 2012) with JOHN TILBURY: piano, EDDIE PREVOST: percussion => versatile improvisation by the legendary (existing since 1965!) British ensemble, who create here a composition coming from wonderful subtle dark dronescapes & rumblings with metallic sounds of all kinds, starting extremely subtle and developing into something "beyond" categorisation, always very focused & to the point !! 61+ min. 2014 €15.50
AMMmusic LP Black Truffle Records BT 18 re-issue of AMMs debut LP from 1967, a milestone of the 60's Avantgarde: CORNELIUS CARDEW, KEITH ROWE, EDDIE PREVOST (+ two other performers) starting a journey into unknown / unheard fields of improvised noise music, leaving behind any structures, harmonies or rules, only following the inner spontaneous instincts of expression (using Drums & Percussion, Piano, Cello, Electronics, Sax, Violin, Accordion, etc..).... almost 50 years after it still sounds radical & unique !! 2016 €16.00