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"Luc Ferrari is one of the most important and intriguing figures of the last forty years, a pioneer of musique concrŔte at the beginning of the Groupe de Recherche Musicales in Paris (GRM) and perhaps "the only real artist among many excellent researchers" as someone suggested, with a very peculiar sensibility creating his own musical world in which wit, sensualitÚ, extreme sound realism, playful analytical abilities, social concerns, fascination for ambiguity and love for life are important and inspiring elements. No matter how radical his musical intuitions and concepts may be or have been, his music has always had a provoking but charming quality." [Elicaeditions]


Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Acousmatrix III ľ History of electronic music CD BV Haast 9009 "Petite Symphonie", "Strathoven", "Presque rien avec filles", "Heterozygote" 1990 €15.00
Unheimlich sch÷n mCD Metamkine MKCD008 the stunning masterpiece with the voice of ILSE LAU ! back in stock last copies, special priced (the "cinema pour l'oreille" series is closed now, no further repressings); mcd full-colour cardboard cover 1993 €5.00
Cycle des Souvenirs CD Blue Chopsticks BC8 sound and image installation for 6 CD-players and 5 video projectors, a late FERRARI piece combining all of his previous concepts to one all-embracing multimedia-piece ! Incl. 12 page booklet with liner notes by DAVID GRUBBS 2002 €13.00
Son memorise CD Sub Rosa SR252   2005 €13.00
ENSEMBLE LABORINTUS & ERIK M CD Cesare 06/03/4/2/1 digipack 2006 €12.00
Far-west News (1998-99) Episodes 2 and 3 CD Blue Chopsticks BC16 Pieces from 1998-1999 based on field recordings FERRARI made at the US west-coast; similar to this classic album "Presque Rien" this is a kind of "poetic musique concrete" using lots of voice-material & atmospheric surroundings... 2006 €13.00
Didascalies CD Sub Rosa SR259 third part of trilogy // www.subrosa.net 2007 €13.50
Labyrinthe de Violence / DANCE LP Alga Marghen alga27 previously unreleased installation piece from 1975! one-sided LP lim. 500 2009 €21.50
Didascalies 2 LP Sub Rosa SRV 305 "Didascalies 1 & 2", performed October 2008 (world premiere) as part of an anti-tribute to LUC FERRARI in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland; the last work by FERRARI that hasn't been performed in front of an audience before ! 2010 €13.50
Heterozygote / Petite Symphony LP Recollection GRM REGRM 017 Nr. 17 in the 're-discovering GRM' series curated by STEPHEN O'MALLEY and eMEGO contains: "HÚtÚrozygote", an early FERRARI composition (1963-1964), a musique concrete piece merging musical and dramatic elements, offering an "anecdotal complex" to the listener; "Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps": an imaginary soundscape, transforming a landscape into music (1973/1974)= two highly evocative pieces; embossed cover, printed inner sleeve, download code 2017 €17.00
Tinguely 1967 LP Sub Rosa SRV429 a so far unreleased composition that was used for a TV film about the great "senseless machines" sculptor JEAN TINGUELY, using field recordings from an exhibition made in 1966; on Side B an even older piece (1964) of musique concrete made for a short film of JEAN BARRAL, also unpublished so far! A must for any LUC FERRARI fan!! 2017 €15.00