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71 Minutes CD ReR Megacorp ReR F1 rec. 1971-1973, rel. befores as "Munich & Elsewhere/Return of a Legend"LP (RR25,1986) and "The Last" LP (RR36,1988), plus material from unreleased "Faust Party 3"LP 1998 €14.00
Faust CD ReR Megacorp ReR F6 re-issue of first LP from 1971 (Polydor) 2000 €14.00
So Far CD ReR Megacorp ReR F7 re-issue of 2nd LP from 1972 (Polydor) 2000 €14.00
The Faust Tapes CD ReR Megacorp ReR F2 rec. 1971-1973 / re-release of third LP (Virgin, 1973) / re-mastered by MATT MURMAN 2000 €14.00
The Wmme Years 1970-1973 5xCD-Box ReR Megacorp ReR FB1 5 CDs plus 40p. booklet in closeable box 2000 €60.00
Nobody knows if it ever happened DVD Ankstmusik ANKST 117 hard to find DVD with a 90 min. concert-film (documenting a live show that happened at the Garage in London 1st. Dec. 1996), plus an exclusive 48min. "behind the scenes" film and FLASHBACK CARUSO (bonus performance) 2006 €16.00
C'est com...com...complique CD Bureau b BB21 new album! (their ninth studio album) 2009 €17.00
C'est com...com...complique LP Bureau b BB21 rare vinyl version of new album ! 2009 €17.00
Lady Sorrow 7" Clouds Hill CH9 first ever cover-version by FAUST !! 2009 €6.00
Schiphorst 2008 do-CD Salamanda SALACD 1 recording of the live-set from last years SCHIPHORST-festival feat. STEVE STAPLETON (NURSE WITH WOUND) 2009 €16.00
71 Minutes do-LP Recommended Records ReRF1DL1 first time on vinyl, "71 minutes" is compiled from lost and unreleased material ("Munich & Elsewhere", "Faust Party 3" LP); second in the ReR series of FAUST re-issues 2010 €24.50
Something Dirty LP Bureau B / Sky new album feat. JAMES JOHNSTON & GERALDINE SWAYNE; release date 28.01.11 2011 €17.50
Something Dirty CD Bureau B / Sky new album feat. JAMES JOHNSTON & GERALDINE SWAYNE; release date 28.01.11 2011 €16.00
j US t (Just us) LP & CD Bureau B BB182LP FAUST in their xxx th (44?) year of existence and they are still not stoppable - twelve 'musical foundations' formed by percussion, various other instruments, objects (like a sewing machine) and often dadaistic vocals, which are made for 'everyone' to build their own music... music that opens up rooms for imagination & inspiration... 2014 €22.00