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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Der Kleine Knig 7inch Tonschacht 011 lim. / numb. ed. 500 w. inlay 2002 €6.00
Mort aux Vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches OREN AMBARCHI's recording for the MAV series shows his meditative guitar tone-cluster ambience approach, crossed by clicks and digital noises, similar to his "Suspension" CD on TOUCH; last copies back in for special price!! 2002 €8.00
Triste CD Southern Lord SUNN46 re-release of deleted LP in digipack/gatefold-cover 2005 €14.50
A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks LP Table of the Elements TOE-LP-95 / Am95 (Americum) release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side; light blue vinyl 2008 €17.50
Destinationless Desire 7" Touch Seven TS 05 full-colour cover, lim. 500 2008 €7.50
Intermissions 2000-2008 CD Touch Tone 40 rare / compilation material collection 2000 - 2008 2009 €15.00
Stacte.3 CD Black Truffle Records BT01 re-issue of early LP from 2000 (Plate Lunch) - artwork designed by Stephen O'Malley (digipack) 2009 €14.00
Audience of One CD Touch TO:83 "Audience of One" uses elements of ecstatic free rock, 70's psych/folk & vocal material along with the well known specific guitar drones & experimental noises... AMBARCHI developing & refining his very own style 2012 €14.00
Raga Ooty / Nilgiri Plateau LP Bo'Weavil WEAVIL48 three so far unreleased pieces from the archives (2006-2011), showing his rawer side... 2012 €20.50
Live Knots do-LP PAN Records PAN 53 two live versions (Tokyo and Krakow) of AMBARCHI's piece "Knots" from the "Audience of One" album, when he performed with JOE TALIA on drums in Japan, whereas the Krakow version features additional strings... furious stuff on guitar, real drums, effects.. 2015 €29.00