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Italien industrial band, not to be mixed up with the much more well known French DIE FORM !!

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La Dimensione Umana LP & CD Officina Fonografica Italiana ep OFI006 the Italian "DIE FORM" (which later re-named into TASADAY) were active around 1982-1984, a collective of young people from Monza influenced by philosophy (BATAILLE, BAUDRILLARD, etc.) => a handplayed open "industrial" sound with punk spirit, aggressive vocals, bass, guitar, sax, clarinett, percussion, in the vein of THE POP GROUP, early CLOCK DVA, TUXEDEMOON or BOURBONESE QUALK; 14 tracks in total taken from the first MC (1982) and unreleased private live cassette, spread on a one sided 12" + CD 2016 €18.00