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Gaku-no-michi 4 x CD Hors Territoires HT-01-2-3-4 "Film without images for electronic and concrete sounds. Produced in Tokyo 1977-1978" Epic work dealing with the "Tao of Music" by the French composer 2009 €46.00
Shanti do-CD Hors Territoires HT 05-6 piece from 1972/1973 for electronic and concrete sounds, created at Electronic Music Studio, WDR, Cologne. Digitalized & revised version 2001 2009 €25.00
YO-IN 4 x CD & BOOK Hors Territoires HT 07-8-9-10 first publication of this epic piece composed 1980 - "sound theater for an imaginary ritual" - for electronic and concrete sounds, using about two hundred (!) different percussion instruments; this version was recorded during a public concert at the Warsaw Autumn Festival (Sept. 1994) and post-produced at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht; comes with 20p booklet and 160p. BOOK about YO-IN (texts, photos, interview) with documents collected 1980-2010, incl. 20 pages of photos 2011 €47.50
Butsumye / Sappho Hiketis (Chants pour l'autre Moiti du Ciel Part I & II) CD+BOOK Hors Territoires HT-16 book (188 pages! english edition) around the 5 piece cycle "Songs for the other Half of the Sky" (1989) + the CD contains the first two works of this cycle for voice, percussions & electroacoustics, BUTSUMYOE & SAPPHO HIKETIS, performed at a festival 1994 in Warsaw, using ancient Japanese recitations... strong works merging the Eastern (purely acoustic) and Western (electro-acoustic) traditions... first world publication! 2012 €22.50
Etude IV CD Hors Territoires HT-14 first in a row of new release by this amazing French composer, contains: ETUDE IV - electronic piece from 1979 created on the UPIC (early graphic interface to create sound & compose), which was a unique tool at that time; OF A FORGOTTEN STAR (1986) - unrealized part of "Anahata" ,using metal percussion instruments; THE GREAT WAVE (1991) - piece using vocal material as a homage to Hokusai, produced at the WDR in Germany; comes with 28p. full colour booklet 2012 €18.00
Kmakal CD + booklet Hors Territoires HT-15 his orchestral works: KAMAKALA (1971), ETUDE III (1962), FLUCTUANTE-IMMUABLE (1977- previously unreleased!), dramatic neo-classic orchestral pieces, with a strong eastern/asian influence in KAMAKALA, which is a most intense opus !! Comes with 28p booklet & extra 60p. booklet in cardboard box ! 2012 €25.00
Electro-Anahata do-CD Hors Territoires HT-19-20 different & expanded electro-acoustic version of ANAHATA (1986-1994), using the original recordings (1984 / 1986); => a sound ceremonial for two voices of Japanese Buddhist monks, three Japanese Gagaku instrumentalists, one percussionist, and electro-acoustic interactive sounds; great meditative & uplifting gong / metal sounds & atmospheres... 2013 €21.00
Galaxies full-electro CD Hors Territoires HT-21 different & expanded electro-acoustic version of GALAXIES (created 1986 - 1994), re-mastered 2013 => a wonderful, very spheric, transcendental composition using Japanese mouth organs and temple bells (hardly recognisable).. his most 'drone-based' and meditative work! 2013 €16.00
L'Anneau des Sept Lumieres CD Hors Territoires HT-22 newly mastered version of this piece "The Ring of seven Lights" from 1994/95 = variations from a single Bonsho sample (traditional Buddhist temple bell), a work derived from his famous ANAHATA work... 2013 €16.00
Etats-Limites ou les cris de Petra CD Hors Territoires HT23 "Borderline or Petra's shouts" - new composition (epic 79+ min. long) combining concrete & synthetic electro-acoustic drones with female vocals sounds & noises (rustles, whispers, breathing, laughter, erotic sighs, shouts), based on older recordings of a special "Borderline" person named Petra, and his huge collection of cow-bells - an absolutely fantastic & intense piece, our highest recommendation!! 28p. full colour booklet with interesting interview about his fascination for the Borderline phenomena.. 2014 €16.00
Le Minuit de la Foi (The Midnight of the Faith) do-CD Hors Territoires HT24-25 new work from 2014 for electronic and concrete sounds, using quotes from EDITH STEIN (recorded by German actress GISELA CLAUDIUS), 120 min. playtime, 28 pp booklet;... 'a long piece under the power of expanded sounds and sacred words...'... mesmerizing, beautifully poetic electro-acoustic drones.. 2015 €21.00
A l'approche du feu meditant do-CD Hors Territoires HT28-29 "Theater Music for a sound and visual ceremonial. A tribute to the goddess of the light, the sun, and the stars. For 27 instrumentalists from the Gagaku Orchestra (divided in three separate ensembles), two choruses of Buddhist monk singers (Shmyo singing traditionnal school - Tendai and Shingon sects - divided in four separated ensembles, with four monk singer soloist voices), six percussionists, five Bugaku dancers." first time release of the full version of this piece !! 2017 €21.50
Gaia-Songs do-CD Hors Territoires HT26-27 piece from 1992 with lots of female voice components (spoken voice and singing) - this is the revisioned version 2015, subtitled "Songs for the other half of the sky no V - VI" for soprano solo, actress voice and electro acoustics; comes as usual with extensive liner notes and booklet 2017 €21.50