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Gaku-no-michi 4 x CD Hors Territoires HT-01-2-3-4 "Film without images for electronic and concrete sounds. Produced in Tokyo 1977-1978" Epic work dealing with the "Tao of Music" by the French composer 2009 €46.00
Shanti do-CD Hors Territoires HT 05-6 piece from 1972/1973 for electronic and concrete sounds, created at Electronic Music Studio, WDR, Cologne. Digitalized & revised version 2001 2009 €25.00
YO-IN 4 x CD & BOOK Hors Territoires HT 07-8-9-10 first publication of this epic piece composed 1980 - "sound theater for an imaginary ritual" - for electronic and concrete sounds, using about two hundred (!) different percussion instruments; this version was recorded during a public concert at the Warsaw Autumn Festival (Sept. 1994) and post-produced at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht; comes with 20p booklet and 160p. BOOK about YO-IN (texts, photos, interview) with documents collected 1980-2010, incl. 20 pages of photos 2011 €47.50
Butsumye / Sappho Hiketis (Chants pour l'autre Moiti du Ciel Part I & II) CD+BOOK Hors Territoires HT-16 book (188 pages! english edition) around the 5 piece cycle "Songs for the other Half of the Sky" (1989) + the CD contains the first two works of this cycle for voice, percussions & electroacoustics, BUTSUMYOE & SAPPHO HIKETIS, performed at a festival 1994 in Warsaw, using ancient Japanese recitations... strong works merging the Eastern (purely acoustic) and Western (electro-acoustic) traditions... first world publication! 2012 €22.50
Etude IV CD Hors Territoires HT-14 first in a row of new release by this amazing French composer, contains: ETUDE IV - electronic piece from 1979 created on the UPIC (early graphic interface to create sound & compose), which was a unique tool at that time; OF A FORGOTTEN STAR (1986) - unrealized part of "Anahata" ,using metal percussion instruments; THE GREAT WAVE (1991) - piece using vocal material as a homage to Hokusai, produced at the WDR in Germany; comes with 28p. full colour booklet 2012 €18.00
Kmakal CD + booklet Hors Territoires HT-15 his orchestral works: KAMAKALA (1971), ETUDE III (1962), FLUCTUANTE-IMMUABLE (1977- previously unreleased!), dramatic neo-classic orchestral pieces, with a strong eastern/asian influence in KAMAKALA, which is a most intense opus !! Comes with 28p booklet & extra 60p. booklet in cardboard box ! 2012 €25.00
Electro-Anahata do-CD Hors Territoires HT-19-20 different & expanded electro-acoustic version of ANAHATA (1986-1994), using the original recordings (1984 / 1986); => a sound ceremonial for two voices of Japanese Buddhist monks, three Japanese Gagaku instrumentalists, one percussionist, and electro-acoustic interactive sounds; great meditative & uplifting gong / metal sounds & atmospheres... 2013 €21.00
Galaxies full-electro CD Hors Territoires HT-21 different & expanded electro-acoustic version of GALAXIES (created 1986 - 1994), re-mastered 2013 => a wonderful, very spheric, transcendental composition using Japanese mouth organs and temple bells (hardly recognisable).. his most 'drone-based' and meditative work! 2013 €16.00
L'Anneau des Sept Lumieres CD Hors Territoires HT-22 newly mastered version of this piece "The Ring of seven Lights" from 1994/95 = variations from a single Bonsho sample (traditional Buddhist temple bell), a work derived from his famous ANAHATA work... 2013 €16.00
Etats-Limites ou les cris de Petra CD Hors Territoires HT23 "Borderline or Petra's shouts" - new composition (epic 79+ min. long) combining concrete & synthetic electro-acoustic drones with female vocals sounds & noises (rustles, whispers, breathing, laughter, erotic sighs, shouts), based on older recordings of a special "Borderline" person named Petra, and his huge collection of cow-bells - an absolutely fantastic & intense piece, our highest recommendation!! 28p. full colour booklet with interesting interview about his fascination for the Borderline phenomena.. 2014 €16.00
Le Minuit de la Foi (The Midnight of the Faith) do-CD Hors Territoires HT24-25 new work from 2014 for electronic and concrete sounds, using quotes from EDITH STEIN (recorded by German actress GISELA CLAUDIUS), 120 min. playtime, 28 pp booklet;... 'a long piece under the power of expanded sounds and sacred words...'... mesmerizing, beautifully poetic electro-acoustic drones.. 2015 €21.00