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Being near LP Helen Scarsdale Records HMS 037 female shoegazing post rock ambience and low-fi dream-folk from Turkey (= EKIN ▄ZELT▄ZENCI from Istanbul who is also known as member of PROUDPILOT and BIBLO) that has been compared to GROUPER or LOVESLIESCRUSHING... "her spectral dream-pop deconstructions hold a thousand-yard stare of an unconsolable melancholy"; lim. 400 copies 2016 €20.00
Ghosts Inside LP Helen Scarsdale Records HMS 042 Could there be a more gentle melancholy than this? Most ethereal, intimate and smooth drops on guitar, piano/keyboard and voice caress the listener; beautiful mournful melodies are shining through the haze... second album on HMS for this Turkish "drone-chanteuse", who transfers her shoegaze (SLOWDIVE, COCTEAU TWINS, CRANES) and folk influences into something even more amorph and elusive... 2017 €19.00
Inflame OST MC Helen Scarsdale HMS044   2017 €10.00