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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Cat with a duodenum buisness-card CDR Banned Production a limited edition of a 100 all cd's hand stamped by Elggren 2006 €6.00
Is there a Smell on the Other Side? CD Firework Edition Records FER1062 definitely one of the most intense ELGGREN albums, this one-tracker (62+ min) with dramatic orchestral string music samples & loops as basis, giving ground for ELGGRENS spoken and shouted words about the mystery of the human body, digestion and creation, death and where we come from at all.. about urine and shit and other body fluids, why does it all exist, how does it work, a heavy 'tour de force' through a despaired, ever reflecting brain... very intense & unique !! 2006 €13.00
Death travels backwards DVD Errant Bodies Records #05 10 video-works spanning 1999-2009 2009 €16.00
Genealogy BOOK Firework Edition Records ISBN 9 200p book, english, paperback, filled with philosophic, thought-provoking & metaphysical texts by this idiosyncratic & unique Swedish artist 2009 €12.50
Under the Couch CD Firework Edition Records FER 1100 obscure psychogeographic recordings made under the original couch of SIGMUND FREUD (located in the Freud Museum in London), the father of Psychoanalysis; recorded Sept. 2011, 'it sounds maybe like the noise of the unconscious left over from the trauma of brith', a one-tracker of 60+ minutes, incl. booklet feat. an essay by LUCIA FARINATI and texts by LEIF ELGGREN about the couch- (and 'under the bed') phenomenon 2013 €13.00
Das Baank LP Rekem Records / Fragment Factory REKEM09/[FRAG36] subtitled "A New Era Of Economical Growth And Prosperity And Safety And Power", this is a very though-provoking, political release by Swedish most idiosyncratic conceptual sound-artist LEIF ELGGREN; thematically based around USURY in the historical & actual perspective (extensive liner notes on backcover), the 8 tracks range from sharp droning noise to alienated/processed sacral music... a very strong release ! lim. 300 2016 €16.00