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Agere Urendum Mentis Epode LP Mobilization Records MOB-AU1 AUME is the NEW project of SCOT JENERIK (23Five Org., F-SPACE) and ALEPH OMEGA (CHROME, etc.), their dark and electricity filled "ambient industrial" creations build lots of tension, using pulses, whirring drones, effected percussion and found sounds (voices, oriental melodies)... there are also more sublime moments in the two-side long tracks, reminding on older ZOVIET FRANCE... excellent sonics, georgously packed: die cut linen jacket with silver foil embossing, inlay, lim. 555 copies 2016 €25.00
Elemental CD + DVD Mobilization Records the second release by the promising project of SCOT JENERIK and ALEPH OMEGA is a collector's item in a beautiful handmade gatefold wood cover with etched / burned graphics, looks completely unique! => the (blue ray) DVD contains two films that were shown on 'International Drone Cinema Festivals" in 2016/2017, "a cohesive 36 minute non-representational, experimental, immersive, ambient, drone experience in projection and surround sound." feat. THOMAS DIMUZIO, lim. 81 copies only!! (numbered ed.) 2017 €20.00