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Pitch Black Star Spangled LP Rune Grammofon RLP 3099 STIAN WESTERHUS is a Norwegian guitarist who became more and more well known in the experimental scene lately, overcoming and transforming the limitations of his instrument => working a lot with feedbacks, distortion, noise and strange effects, but also with overlapping harmony fragments, backwards-sounds, wild staccato sounds, etc.. but there are also more fragile drone moments... this is his first album for RUNE GRAMMOFON 2010 €20.00
The Matriarch and the wrong kind of Flowers LP Rune Grammofon RLP 3133 third album for the innovative guitarist and improviser from Norway; "The Matriarch.." is his most "experimental droney" one so far, based on guitar & voice only, with lots of challenging changes and surprising arrangement.... most of the album has been recorded at a mausoleum in Oslo with a natural 20-second reverberation, this shows WESTERHUS soundscaping and atmospheric side, excellent !! 2012 €22.00