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Accident Worship CD-R Salakapakka Sound System SSS-CDr01 another very good release by the Finnish experimental noise project, you could call this a kind of "industrialized musique concrete", combining concrete noises from car accidents and other found sounds with ethnic drumming or walls of drone noise, every track is different... lim. 50 2014 €8.00
Atonality Appreciation Society MC Salakapakka Sound System demonstraatiotuotos-20 "noise, harsh drone & dark-n-dirty ambient" - the sister release to "Barbed Wire Boogie", again exciting noise-pieces with various approaches and sources, for example using GEROGERIGEGEGE sounds , recordings from a temple in Sri Lanka, blowing in a metal tube, etc... lim. 25 self-made edition 2015 €7.50
Barbed Wire Boogie MC Salakapakka Sound System demonstraatiotuotos-19 the Finnish project with a powerful, crude release, where industrial drones & pulses are set against aggressive voice samples, baby screams, an Icelanding poem found somewhere, a shitty folksong, etc.. very varyfied and inspired stuff, this isn't the usual industrial noise! C-40, lim. 50 copies 2015 €7.50