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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
20 ans de vieille musique nouvelle CD Illusion Production IP 041/042 special cardboard package / included coupon to order a bonus CD directly from the label 2004 €12.00
Dans la Nuit du souterrain scientifique mCDR Illusion Production IP 035 recordings from January 1990 / very special cover package / design 2007 €8.00
Deficit des Annees Anterieures CD Illusion Production IP 050 re-issue of the very first DDAA-MC from 1979 (C-60), plus a bonus live-extract (Cherbourg 1979); lim. 450 copies silk-screen cover, numbered 2011 €15.00
Pourriture Cubique CD Klanggalerie gg163 "The engineers of DDAA are thus plasmaturgists of reality" - NEW studio material by the legendary French dadaists - here they sound much more "silent" and ambient as usually known - but still full of surprising elements (we had to think of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, etc..) lovely album ! 2012 €14.50
In Live with DDAA: Paris / Rennes / Toulouse - 2003 / 2007 CD-R Illusion Production IP 053 extracts from three live recordings by the unique French avantgarde ensemble (existing since 1979!) - soundwise somewhere between early NURSE WITH WOUND & DIE TÍDLICHE DORIS maybe, ecstatic & atonal - comes with obscured sized post-cover with fold out postcard, all full-colour & numbered to 150 copies !! 2013 €13.00
Electrification 10inch Illusion Production IP 056 four new pieces (one is an endless groove) beyond any recognizable styles (in their own separate musical dimension) by the exceptional French experimental band and dadaists, delivering wonderful alien singings & sounds...(using acoustic & electronic sources such as voice, piano, loops, guitar, saxophone, drums, and.. cooking pots!); oversized gatefold cover, full colour inlay, a true gem !! lim. 500 2014 €20.00
Hazy World CD Nefryt N 026 they get older but not less unique - lovely new album by this French "true avantgarde" band, confusing the listeners since 1977; on 'Hazy World' they sound maybe more restrained and elaborated, but still reveal weird beauty in these 6 obscure '(a)tonal songs & noises' ! 51+ minutes, oversized A5 cover, lim. 444 copies 2014 €13.00
Defragmentation du Pierres qui chauffent CD Psychofon Records PR-004 rare new DDAA album on a label from Bremerhaven, Germany => as usual, hard to describe whats going on here on the 10 tracks, there are electro-beats, sequencer sounds and synths, a capella arrangements and weird sounds from all kinds of instruments, shaped into pieces between ingenuity and drunken sounding madness... a completely different reality tunnel which you can enter ! lim. 300, full colour DVD box 2015 €17.00
Important Notice / Compression de Rruvurrhh 7inch Psychofon Records PR-004.1 collectors item - two exclusive remixes from the "Defragmentation du Pierres.." album, lim. 50 copies only! stamped and hand-numbered, full colour sleeve, usually only for direct orders from the label; we could grab very few, be quick if interested !! 2015 €17.50
Dada est Mort! do-7inch Psychofon Records PR009 "Dada est mort mais son cadavre pisse encore" - six new tracks spread on two 7"es (45 rpm) by the unicum from France, who sometimes sound here like a mixture of RESIDENTS and HELGE SCHNEIDER...hearing is believing! Lim. 150, a double 7" with artful, hand-assembled 4 way gatefold-cover (openable on both sides), numbered ed. / black vinyl 2017 €25.00