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Five Eyes CD MOLOKO+ PLUS 078 great collaboration by these two legendary German underground musicians and improvisers, known for their work with CASSIBER, KLUSTER, ERUPTION, etc. etc.. => performed on reeds, trombone, synths, drums, percussion, etc. with additional vocals by guest musicians eight atmospheric tracks between Jazz, Noise and (Ambient) Industrial collage were created...we love it!! Comes with long liner notes by WOLFGANG SEIDEL about secret services... 2014 €15.00
Malcha CD MOLOKO+ PLUS 087 ALFRED 23 HARTH (sax, voice, dojirak) and WOLFGANG SEIDEL (synth, guitar, percussion, vibraphon) teamed up again, together with FABRIZIO SPERA (Italian Jazz drummer) and Belgian artist NICOLE VAN DEN PLAS (singing, piano, etc.) for a often wild & open minded trip, carefully post-processed: "Anarchisch, polymorph-pervers, unsystematisch offen, honigplastisch... eine Explikation dieser unbedingten Freiheit" [Bad Alchemy] 2016 €15.00