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No Signal CD-BOX Impulsy Stetoskopu 046 NEW material from the long active (though only few releases exist) French bruitism noise duo (who ones had their first release as MC on Cthulhu Records in 1989), using all kinds of self-built noise instruments, as "The Shriller", "Rikrokoid", "Kritz & Kratz", "Sturmophon", etc... this is radical, loud, crazy!! Comes in nicely designed 2 colour printed metal box with 16 p. colour booklet with pics of the noise-tools, numbered ed. 200 copies !! 2015 €13.00
Vertebres CD Impulsy Stetoskopu 049 collection of unreleased / hard to find material 1986-1988 by the French bruitism noise group & creator of incredible selfbuild noise instruments; lim. 200 in oversized silver anti-static bag with sticker 2015 €13.00
Kohle + Stahl MC Aussaat 01 live recording made in May 2014 - celebrating the lust for powerful noise with infernal, siren-like attacks; music with no beginning, ending or structures, white noise patterns in eternal transformation.... C-45 prof. tape & cover, on the new established following label of CTHULHU Records (who once released the first ENTRE VIFS tape) 2016 €9.00
Premiere unite bruitiste LP Rotorelief ROTOR 0048 the first unreleased album by ENTRE VIFS from 1986 (the bruitist project with LE SYNDICAT members), performed on self-built instruments like: Grondeur, Strideur, Eclateurs, Crepiteur, Herse, Fleau, Crisseur, etc... 5 pieces of rumbling, distorted low-fi noises with fast interactions and changes, like an extreme noise version of Musique Concrete... lim. 200 red vinyl 2016 €21.50