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Collapse LP DAIS Records 076 first proper solo album by this ex member of COIL and PSYCHIC TV (& nowadays one half of COMPOUND EYE) , this is an excellent record of 'mysterious electronic / experimental ambience', based on modular synthesizer sounds & samples, creating an esoteric, organic wholeness... blue vinyl (second pressing 300 copies) 2015 €23.00
Unnatural Channel LP DAIS Records 100 LP "One of industrial musics unsung heroes returns" - very strongly, the second LP on DAIS after "Collapse" for the COMPOUND EYE member (and ex- COIL & PSYCHIC TV insider) => "primarily enjoyable as just a feast of heavy industrial textures and inventive rhythms, resembling field recordings from a monstrous, rumbling factory floor in a bleakly dystopian and inhuman future." [Brainwashed] black vinyl ed. 2017 €23.00