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Klaipeda CD Unfathomless U24 two long subtle field recording compositions, with audio sources catched from a city & its surroundings in Lithuania, direct at the Baltic Sea, where SAKELLARIOU (also known as MECHA/ORGA) recorded not only the nature (water, hissing, plants, animals) but also the city, factories and rural life to construct 'a profound sonic world'... this combination of nature & industrial sounds works well and makes 'Klaipeda' very special! lim. 200 2015 €14.00
In Aulis CD Unfathomless U49 after albums for POGUS Prod. and Cronica, this is the second CD in the Unfathomless-series for the prolific Greek composer, also known as MECHA/ORGA: "In Aulis" leads us to the Ancient Greek Temple of Artemis, where he used Aeolian Harps, recording the aura & psychogeography of this mysterious place... a one-track composition of 42+ minutes; lim. 200 full colour cardboard cover + extra art card 2018 €14.00