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Flexible Pooling 7inch flexi Alt Vinyl av064 the additional release to "Patina Pooling" (from a heavy steel cover now to a hyper fragile paperbag artwork) - comes on a lovely WHITE flexi disc with two tracks, inlay and bonus download = together a 29 min. "mini-LP"; archaic shimmering low fi drones with mysterious voices & backward sounds that fit perfectly to this strange artefact 2015 €18.00
Patina Pooling CD & OBJECT Alt Vinyl av052cd re-issue / replica of the 2014 "ZFAMP" vinyl release, a masterpiece both acoustically & from the packaging: feat. CD sized laser etched steel sleeves, which show signs of oxidation and weathering; first pressing 500 copies, each cover is unique !! 2016 €29.50