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The day 1982 contaminated 1971 LP Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS033 first solo vinyl release by the interesting "mystery drone" project from the US, sounding here like various fragments out of the unconscious memory of a person, low-fi found sounds of all kinds are woven together.. ' Within piles of reversed tape loop miasma and time-lag accumulation, Fossil Aerosol magnifies the grit, the errors, the bad splices, and the dropouts within their mesmerizing and hypnogogic studies of uncanny dislocations.' 2015 €19.50
Revisionist History CD Helen Scarsdale Records / Afterdays Media ADM 019 "Songs of enhanced decay and faked resurrection" - the FAMP project already exists since 30 years, this release re-arranges old recordings (such as fragments of open reel 1/4 tape and 35mm film recovered from burnt out warehouses + abandoned drive-in theaters) and adds new material to it, creating this special nostalgic atmosphere of decayed artefacts and dissociating found sounds.. ; CD-box, lim. 300 with download code for a full bonus album and diverse inlays 2016 €19.00
The Unlistening Place CD Helen Scarsdale Agency ADM 020 / Afterdays Media ADM 020 the anonymous "sonic archaelogists" from the U.S. midwest who work with disintegrating media sources for their somehow archaic sounding drone ambience, with 8 new, mysterious tracks! "The tape sometimes feels like a sonic cage for all of the sounds it was able to capture. Its like a prison or a collection of dead and long-forgotten living beings whose voices youre not really sure if youre actually hearing or if they exist only in your head." [Angel S./MYTRIP/Heathen Harvest] 2017 €14.00