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The hidden Islands CD Gterma gterma011 second album for this ambient project from Norway - thematically based on lonely shores and wide coastal beauties, using natural sounds (ocean) and melancholic synthscapes... 2012 €13.00
Nightbreeze CD Gterma gterma033 pure contemplation muzak also on this album by the Norwegian project, dedicated 'to the magnificent colours of the long summer nights' in the very northern regions.... 2013 €13.00
Novemberlys CD Gterma [gterma044] arctic ambient from Norway - slow & lonely synthscapes with organic field recordings for endless northern autumn landscapes, very calm, melancholic & meditative.... think of OPHOI or a more melodic NORTHAUNT..."with no sign of human presence within a radius of a hundred kilometers; just snow, mountains, water and the majestic fjords.." [Santa Sangre] 2015 €13.00