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Moment CD Empreintes Digitales IMED 9947 strong collection of electro-acoustic pieces by this highly interesting composer from Weimar (Germany) - all produced 1991-1998 - integrating vocal & instrumental recordings from Southeast Asia and the 'colour' and tonal elements of poems from GEORG TRAKL,KARL LUBOMIRSKI, and ANTONIO BUENO TUBIA... often very eerie & intense..comes with 28p booklet in English, Francais, German... 1999 €13.00
Firmament CD empreintes DIGITALes IMED 15131 "A universe of sound is surrounding us from within. Its composed of our dreams, fears and longings. It only exists within our body, our own imagination"...three new pieces by East-German electro-acoustic composer HANS TUTSCHKU (created 2011-2014), who nowadays works as professor of composition at Harvard University (USA): "Firmament-Schlaflos" , "Klaviersammlung", "Issho ni"; captivating stuff that takes you on a journey of imaginations.. 2015 €13.50