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Mortology 1990-1996 5 x CD-BOX Raubbau RAUB-022 the project MORTHOUND marked the industrial beginnings of BJ NILSEN (now quite well known for his great field recording based compositions released by TOUCH), this box re-issues the three studio albums for Cold Meat Industry, the rare debut MC, all released compilation tracks and 10 more previously unpublished ones!!! Nice copper printed black box with booklet & mini gatefold covers inside.. 2014 €47.50
Off the beaten Track CD Raubbau RAUB 038 after the retrospective boxset from last year BJ NILSENs early industrial project MORTHOUND has been re-activated - the first album after 20 years (!) => six new tracks that lead to dark paths and areas in different ways, massive doom drones populated by strange field and object recordings, far away winds that seem to erase all memories, long lost harmonies appear in slow pulses... great, cinematic drone music! = the old MORTHOUND aesthetic extended with BJ NILSEN current composer skills... 2015 €13.00
Kistor Av Is MC Raubbau RAUB-048 BJ NILSENs re-established industrial project - new studio recordings made in June 2016 (at the Attic, NL), C-45, lim. 100, includes download code 2016 €12.00