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Lost Corridors CD Cold Spring CSR184CD new project of former HEAD OF DAVID singer STEPHEN BURROUGHS with debut release, amorph metallic overtone ghost-drones and 'industrial esoterica' filled with mysterious vocal material... "a marriage between LUSTMORD and Z'EV" [Compulsion Online] 2013 €12.00
Thus Avici CD Cold Spring Records CSR206CD second album by this project of STEPHEN BURROUGHS (ex HEAD OF DAVID) who dives deeply into the esoteric traditions of Tantric Buddism as a homage to 'Kshitigarbha' => dark ambient industrial tunes with male / female vocals and spoken words intertwined.. " Shards of distorted noise, ritual drums, caustic drones and haunted vocals make Thus Avici a dark hallucinatory swoon into the hinterland of the Tunnels Of Ah." 2015 €12.00
Surgical Fires CD Cold Spring Records CSR226CD 'organic black noise ambience' you might call what TUNNELS OF AH (many years ago active in the awe-inspiring industrial noise rock group HEAD OF DAVID) manifests on the already third album: between ambience and noise move these layers of pulsing feedbacks, metallic clashes and overtunes, a vortex of sizzling frequences often filled with eerie whispers...somethings inside here that you better don't touch; intense and dark as hell! "Surgical Fires is dealing with psychic attacks" [Compulsion Onl.] 2016 €13.00