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Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1 LP PAN Records PAN 34 debut full-length releases by the famous cutting engineer from Berlin, who excites with deeply surrealistic music, bizarrely morphed structures, pulses & noises beyond words & styles; "a masterpiece of focussed non-referential electronic environments"; comes in the typical artful silkscreened pvc sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas 2013 €25.00
Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 2 LP PAN Records PAN 74 second solo release by RASHAD BECKER, who splits this album in four "Chants/Dances" and four "Themes" on the split-side : ultra weird synth tones and pulsing processings, keeping the 'morphing' quality of Vol. 1.... "Rashad Becker's work is probably the closest thing we currently have to a disturbing glimpse through a rupture in the fabric of reality. Cherish it appropriately." [Brainwashed] 2016 €25.00