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Otter Songs CD Hic Sunt Leones HSL066 the first collab of ALIO DIE with Finnish soundscaper LINGUA FUNGI, who works with handmade instruments & objects of organic nature, like 'otter skull ocarinas' and 'snail shells'; beautiful harmonic cither and sitar drones merge with subtle field recordings and object sounds for a "full ethereal / overtone drone" experience... caressing & mesmerizing 2012 €15.00
Lento CD Hic Sunt Leones HSL 087 the second collaboration release by recommended Finnish experimental ambience and folk artist LINGUA FUNGI and ALIO DIE - lighter and more acoustic sounding than the previous "Otter Songs", this reveals also more concrete elements from instruments and field recordings, combined with very warm washes of drones... 4 tracks rec. 2011-2016, lim. 300, 79 min. playtime ! "A lovely warm flowing experience with more uplifting spiritual overtones." [Liquid Faith] 2017 €15.00