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Hathor LP Fauni Gena FAUNI 013 re-issue of WAKHEVITCHs 3rd full LP from 1973, subtitled LITURGIE Du SOUFFLE POUR LA RESURRECTION DES MORTS, his most occult work full of ritualistic & dark vocal parts, sinister & droning... original cover replica, gatefold, incl. insert 2013 €23.00
Les Fous d'Or LP Fauni Gena FAUNI 014 re-issue of WAKHEVITCHs 4th full length LP from 1975, the first in collaboration with American dancer/choreograph CAROLYN CARLSON, sounding partly more lyrical & dreamy than before with its use of lighter electronic/synth sounds, but also still has a strong ritualistic & esoteric & noisy side with its 'new musical' instrumental arrangements, archaic horns, clanging bells & crazy female chants, laughter & sound poetry.... 2013 €23.00
Let's Start LP Fauni Gena FAUNI 016 re-issue of WAKHEVITCHs 6th and last LP from 1979 => his most meditative record, created for the 'Batsheva Dance Company' in Israel => a multi-layered synth journey with the very long title-track, going through numerous stages of sounds & meaning, from lyrical moments to more ambient 'cosmic' atmospheres, adding some odd vocal chants & hypnotic loops... masterful experimental keyboard music 2013 €23.00
Logos LP Fauni Gena FAUNI 011 RITUEL SONORE ! Re-issue of this dark & visionary experimental/orchestral masterpiece, the first LP (1970) of the legendary French Avantgarde-composer, a real thrill, a surrealistic otherworld => "typical French post-mai 69 orchestral avant-pop vibes" says the label; gatefold-cover / re-production of original cover with 4p. insert 2013 €23.00
Nagual LP Fauni Gena FAUNI 015 'a bewitched musical journey'.. re-issue of WAKHEVITCHs 5thLP from 1977, the second collaboration with American dancer/choreograph CAROLYN CARLSON, inspired by CARLOS CASTANEDA's writings, more calm & relaxed as before, still stepping into otherworldly places => 12 shorter tracks & fragments with a wide range of always varying sounds & ideas; acoustic instruments, synths & electronics, field recordings & found sounds...like being in a haunted fairyland... 2013 €23.00