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The further I get from your Star, the less Light I feel on my Face CD Crucial Blast CBR87 great debut CD by the new project of ex N.T.T. - LEE BARTOW (aka LEECH) from New York => dense drones with emerging harmonies & vocal material, slowly developing into monolithic soundscapes, always spreading a feeling of raging despair & sadness.... this is where death industrial and emotional drone meets... or cosmic ambience emerges with power electronics? Amazing stuff !!!! Comes w. six panel DVD digipack 2010 €14.00
The Chasms of my Heart CD Crucial Blast CBR98 the following project of NAVICON TORTURE TECHN. (NTT) shows a real development => more structured, harmonic & matured industrialized drone compositions with ulterior vocals; still atmospheric & monumental, full of despaired emotions, hypnotizing pulses and harsh droning noises.. great comeback ! 2012 €13.50
Some Things have to be endured CD Crucial Blast CBR104CD THELOGIAN is collaborating for this album with diverse female artist/vocalists from the international noise, gothic & industrial scene, such as HECATE, SEWER GOODESS, TONIKOM, etc.. => a highly attracting mixture of darkwave drones and slow electro industrial, "from grinding industrial dread to ethereal coldwave beauty, blasts of rumbling blackened synthcrush met with washes of haunting electronic melody"... 2013 €13.50
A Means by which to break the Surface of the Real LP Nothing under the Sun # 1 / Redscroll Records RSR013 four new tracks, improvised in the studio with diverse guest musicians... "Tortured screams reach out over the tumbling industrial workings below. Low register whispered meanderings slowly rise to meet those screams. Machinesĺ rhythmic drones fold in on the voices. Sirens invite and warn. Sink into the synthetic abyss." lim. 500 2015 €18.50
Pain of the Saints do-CD Malignant Records TUMORCD76 the first THEOLOGIAN release (the following project of LEE BARTOW after the demise of NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES) on Malignant Records, an "Anti-Theist manifesto" against Christianity & Catholicism => powerful industrial synth / guitar drones, pulses, loops & samples that mirror the torture the christian church & religion caused to many people, emotional blasts and anthems for all those agonized souls... epic release with about 158 min. playtime 2015 €15.00