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Proscenium LP + 7inch Elevator Bath eeaoa037 solo-album by the co-creator of the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY, who creates slow moving ghost-drones with a mysterious atmosphere, originally developed for a theatre play by JANIE GEISER named "Invisible Glass", based on a story from EDGAR ALLAN POE; lim. 500, 180gr. vinyl, gatefold cover, MP3 download card & bonus 7" !! 2012 €25.00
Oaxaca Dawn pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa 032 the series of picture discs on Elevator Bath (with visual artwork by the artists themselves) finally continues with a release by TOM RECCHION (co-founder of the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY), who captured field recordings from Oaxaca (Mexico) and Hana bamboo (Haiti), very idiosyncratic recordings with no further re-working; a must for fans of the UNFATHOMLESS / MYSTERY SEA and GRUENREKORDER labels; lim. 250 copies 2016 €20.00