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Live at the Grimm Museum CD Important Records IMPREC342 mesmerizing drone piece (one-tracker 49+ min.) based on an installation from 2005 - now performed by drone-pioneer & philosopher C.C.HENNIX live in Berlin (08/2011) with an ensemble feat. AMELIA CUNI, MICHAEL NORTHAM, WERNER DURAND, ROBIN HAYWARD.. => beautiful contemplation-drones that are truly evocative, our highest praise!! 2012 €16.00
Live at Issue Project CD Important Records IMPREC434 the endless OOOOMMMMM... new piece by C.C. HENNIX with an expanded 'just-intonation' ensemble feat three 'oriental' singers and a deep brass section, this generates an extremely width, flow and suspension... a one-tracker of full 79 minutes, comes in oversized lettepress cardboard cover 2016 €18.50