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same LP Immune Recordings IMMUNE 014 first album by the fabulous duo of STEVEN HESS & MICHAEL VALLERA => astonishing combination of experimental drum-playing & low-fi drones (using field recordings, electronics, guitar), hypnotic & rhythmic... white vinyl, includes postcard, lim. 500 2010 €16.00
Breaking Day LP Immune Records IMMUNE 024 the project of STEVEN HESS (LOCRIAN, etc.) & MICHAEL VALLERA from Chicago with their second LP, a very handplayed & original kind of dark tension-drone (drums, samples, guitar, electronics) with post-rock influences, hypnotic & intense... "a premonition of an assault from the unknown"; lim. 500, download code, stunning gatefold-cover, our highest recommendation !! 2012 €20.00
Drown LP Immune Records IMMUNE 034 third album by the beloved 'abstract post-rock drone' duo (STEVEN HESS & MICHAEL VALLERA) from Chicago, combining powerful metallic overtune drones, guitar wave & post-rock elements and experimental industrial minimalism, like MANINKARI this is a great handplayed version of acoustic drone... highly recommended again !! 2014 €18.50