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Treetop Drive CD Rune Grammofon RACD 108 re-issue of the first DEAHTPROD album from 1994, the remarkable "dark ambient" project of HELGE STEN, one of the main figures of the Norwegian independent-scene (producer of MOTORPSYCHO, founding member of SUPERSILENT and producer of many Rune Grammofon artists) 2011 €13.50
Imaginary Songs from Tristan da Cunha LP Smalltown Supersound ST278 first vinyl re-issue of the second album from 1996 - an imaginary soundtrack for a remote island, building a unique isolated atmosphere... "by creating mostly short, experimental tracks using violin, banjo and electronics and having them pressed onto wax cylinders. The effect is a haunting one, putting the music at even more of a remove. Its like listening to a radio broadcast from REM sleep" [Paste Mag] 2017 €24.00
Morals and Dogma do-LP Smalltown Supersound STS280LP first vinyl re-issue of DEATHPROD's true ambient masterpiece, dark & waving drones are combined with instrumental sounds from harmonium, violin, creating an overwhelming, captivating intensity and sadness... "The four songs that make up this collection are slowly moving works that flow with the heat and intensity of fresh lava." [Paste Mag.] 2017 €29.50
Treetop Drive do-LP Smalltown Supersound STS279LP first ever vinyl re-issue of the first DEATHPROD CD album from 1994, intense repetitive orchestral drone loops collide with sharp instrumental sounds from a violin, hypnotic and of eerie dramatism... "If you want to use them as a new soundtrack to some of your favorite Buuel or Maya Deren films, it will fit perfectly." [Paste Mag] gatefold cover 2017 €29.50