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Bishan - an Urban Epic in four Movements mCDR Bastets Kitten BK 002 new drone/dark ambient project from Germany creating a moody but crystal clear one-tracker composition (21+ minutes) using field recordings (animals, nature, urban environment) from Singapore, ending in wonderful overtune-drones.. lim. 122 copies in full colour cardboard (oversized), in this new series from the long active VUZ Records from Duisburg, Germany, that was very active in the 90's; very worth to check out !! 2011 €6.00
Visual Noise CD-R & booklet dE / mutE the german drone/ambient project asked via internet to send art-photographs to create music to it; "VISUAL NOISE" shows the result, 7 tracks for 7 photos, somewhere between BAD SECTOR & dark TANGERINE DREAM maybe, comes in DVD-digipack & 16p. full-colour booklet with texts to the pics; nice idea / project, recommended if you like electronic ambience; lim. 100 2012 €18.00