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Sons-Frissons CD INA GRM INAG 6031 collection of compositions (1990-2011) by this French electro-acoustic composer (who is the Director of the CIRM in Nice, France), "between sound immersion, soundscapes and narrative compositions" - high class stuff, very atmospheric ! 2011 €13.00
Desert Tracks LP Sub Rosa SRV418 This electro-acoustic composer from Marseille (who worked with LUC FERRARI, PARMEGIANI, or PIERRE HENRY) made field recordings in the Californian Mojave Desert (1987, with one of the first portable digital recorders, a PCM Sony) to work on the question if the light of a certain landscapes is expanding our perception of its acoustics; this resulted in four tracks mixing the concrete sounds with synthetic ones, creating a high tension listening experience with great sound effects.. 2016 €16.00