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Play Scar CD ROOM 40 RM437 solo-album of NECKS pianist CHRIS ABRAHAMS, using organ sounds, guitars & much more to create impossible to categorize compositions between musique concrete, electronic and experimental Jazz.... 2010 €13.00
Memory Night CD ROOM 40 RM 453 the following solo-album to the great "Play Scar" by the NECKS-pianist, four ultra dense and innovative drone-based compositions mainly based on hardly recognizable instrumental sounds, very experimental and beautiful, our highest praise !! 2013 €14.00
Fluid to the Influence LP Room40 RM464 CHRIS ABRAHAMS (pianist in NECKS) fourth solo album for ROOM40 (the label run by LAWRENCE ENGLISH), less 'droney' than on 'Memory Night' he creates here very playful, evocative tracks that are in steady tonal motion, divided into small sections of notes, operating with Jazz-, Drone- and pure sound elements... (based on piano, organ, electronics and concrete noises); masterful and unique stuff again ! 2016 €23.00