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Memory makes Noise CD Small Voices SVR06021 first solo-album by the Italian electro-acoustic/ experimental ambient composer, three long excellent tracks using a wide range of (found) sounds and spoken voices that build at times beautiful droney, at times more daring & noisy acoustic landscapes that appear to be almost ear-play like, very minimal, dense & refined.. released by the now defunct Small Voices label, lim. 500, last copies, don't miss it !! 2006 €10.00
(In)Visible Fields do-CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME1145 collection of live, theatre and installation-works of a highly experimental / abstract nature; really challenging stuff combining elements from various styles / sound-sources / conceptual ideas, often monumental droney & bizarre... - very nice overview about the 'non-compositorical' side from GIANLUCA BECUZZI 2011 €13.00
Eternally now CD Lisca Records LISCA 010 exciting new release by this Italian composer (known for his project KINETIX) using many structured metal / gong / bell-sounding elements and powerful drones, along with field recordings, polylayered voice material, etc... very interesting & versatile release, very much recommended !! 2011 €12.00
Nothing is what it seems CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1152 another new great album by BECUZZI with a wide range of sounds & atmospheres, heavenly drone-movements, absurd field recording-mixtures, more concrete mechanical metal vibes & complex noise-parts = electronics, environmental or concrete material from objects is arranged in an ever surprising & stunning way, every track is different. Recommended again !! 2011 €12.00
Trax to Trax do-CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME1256 collection of very experiMENTAL material rec. 2006-2011 and mostly taken from now deleted releases, feat. many guest-musicians like NIGEL AYERS (NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS), FABIO ORSI, PIETRO RIPARBELLI (K11), etc.. very suggestive & dense compositions with an amazing variety (lots of vocal material), pointing to unconscious realms & inner worlds... 2012 €13.00
(B)Haunted CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1362 re-issue of the material from two rare / deleted releases: 'Haunted' (MC/ CD-R) from 2011 and 'B' from Silentes (MC, 2011); experimental, ghostly ambient industrial often based on metallic sounds, raw & unpolished, with handplayed percussive & noisy outbreaks... think of ORGANUM, droning Z'EV, etc.. 2014 €12.00
We can be Everywhere CD-R FinalMuzik FMSSD01 rare album by the Italian soundartist and long active post industrialist, filled with solo-works and collaborations (with SVART1, RETINA.IT and DEISON); 9 tracks of 'intelligent' constructed noise & advanced experimental drone... lim. 200 2014 €9.50